Fat or Fiction

A Functional Nutrition Alliance Audio Class: Learn on Your Own Time!

When it comes to dietary fat, there seems to be opposing information everywhere you look! Good fats. Bad fats. These are fat phobic times. Now is the time to demystify the truth & boost your health with the facts about the fats that heal. Join me for this fascinating exploration into the realm of Fat or Fiction.

Learn the truth about dietary fats so that you can make the right choices to boost your health and eliminate your most troubling symptoms

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Do you wonder if all fat makes you fat?

Are you confused about the healing benefits of essential fats and how to get more of them into your diet?

Are you hungry to better understand which fats you should eat more of to promote better heart and immune health and which to avoid like the plague?

Did you know that certain dietary fats can boost your memory, focus, mood and metabolism?

How about finally knowing which fats will make your food taste better AND promote good health?

Whether you’re fat phobic, fat curious, or just plain bewildered about this key nutrient, you’ll want to tune in to the Functional Nutrition Alliance Fat or Fiction All of the Functional Nutrition Alliance courses give you the most cutting-edge information so you can make the best choices for your health, and Fat or Fiction is no exception. With this comprehensive course you’ll finally learn how and why to use particular dietary fats to:

  • stabilize your blood sugar
  • balance your cholesterol and support your heart health
  • support your hormonal health
  • decrease inflammation
  • boost your metabolism
  • finally feel satisfied (that means no more gnawing hunger mid-afternoon that has you searching for sugary snacks)

Fat or Fiction

Let me help you clear the fat fog.

At last! With this two hour in-depth audio class (complete with recipes, charts, graphs, and more) you can relish in a superb understanding of how to advance your health with good fat in your diet as well as use the most fitting fats at the most beneficial times in the kitchen.

two hour audio class available for you to listen to at your leisure

  • listen in full
  • listen in increments to match your learning pace
  • return to the audio again and again as you need
  • It’s YOUR choice!
  • It’s your program.

cost: $67

Cost includes all of the following!:

  • 2 hours of audio recordings with thorough teachings about the different fats ~ so you’ll no longer wonder which ones boost your health and which ones can be dangerous
  • MP3 so that you can listen wherever you’d like (on a run, at the gym, during your commute, or in the kitchen)
  • handouts with information on key healing fats that you can keep handy while shopping and cooking
  • delicious recipes to help you incorporate healing fats into your daily life
  • 'in the kitchen with Andrea' videos to guide you through when and how to use each fat or oil
  • charts, graphs and images to help the more visual learners among us (I’m with you!)
  • lifetime access to the materials with your special Fat or Fiction member information so that you can return to these resources again & again

What fats really are, and what they do in your body (Note: most of them DON’T make you fat!):

  • What exactly is fat?
  • What information is fact and what is fiction, and A how it got so confused
  • How fat affects your bodies and brains. (Hint: it’s instrumental in both cellular function and in reducing mood swings)
  • The key fats to include in your diet
  • Which fats to avoid and how to find where they hide in many common foods
  • The best fats and oils for cooking
  • How to use fats to alleviate your symptoms and to heal what ails you

Whether you’re new to learning about nutrition or you're a seasoned practitioner in the art of using food to heal and nourish yourself, you’ll find this class fascinating and enlightening. The history of our cultural fat consciousness is laden with controversy and intrigue. It will make your jaw drop and your mouth water. And the structure of Fat or Fiction allows you to navigate the wealth of information at your own pace, in your own place.

Are you ready to give good fat a chance?